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About Us

Domaine Saint Laurent, a love story.

Already back in 2018 we started looking for a place where we would be able to realize our dreams: with enough space for friends & family, with pool, vegetable garden, enough space for parties, celebrations, and projects such as exhibitions, workshops and concerts – in short, a place where everybody can feel at home.

Love at first sight was not long in coming: we quickly fell in love with the photos of a real estate ad, which then, to our regret, disappeared from the market rather quickly. Always on the hunt, we just couldn’t find what we were looking for – fortunately, I’d say retrospectively. Numerous visits to beautiful properties followed, but somehow they all lacked that certain something. Vibes, feel-good factor, the feeling that the "third skin" fits ... Keep searching was the order of the day.

And fate finally made the choice: our original “love on first sight” was suddenly up for grabs again. In other words, we (re)discovered our little paradise in 2020, and the Domaine Saint Laurent just at the gates of Béziers became our home. There is plenty of potential and still a lot more to do, and we love it. A first spacious apartment for 4 guests has already been finished this summer, two more are planned in the near future, and the pool shines with a brand new interior. The beautiful old trees are even listed, and our spacious, natural garden offers space for fun and games.       

By the way, we have been living in the south of France since 2002 and love our region in all its diversity: sandy Mediterranean beaches, picturesque villages and fascinating cities such as Montpellier, Narbonne or Carcassonne are close by, a beautiful back-country invites you to go hiking and if you would like to see some snow, take a trip to the nearby Pyrenees.

Before & after
Taking care of the garden and what else? 

Except taking care of this huge property, we also have real jobs! 

Elis creates texts for brands in multiple languages.

Louis studied interior design, and is now working in landscaping and house renovations.

Jessie works as a cinematographer & film director.







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